Visited by more than 3,000 Farmers, Mechanisation Service Providers

and Governmental Extension Workers

More than 300 Machines on 10 hectare rice land in 2019

Live Machinery Demonstrations

AGRITECHNICA ASIA live – Field Demonstrations of Agricultural Machinery

The second AGRITECHNICA ASIA live aims to foster sustainable mechanization by demonstrating the use of up-to-date technologies in the local cropping systems
  • Live machinery demonstrations of different field operations for more than 4,000 progressive farmers and machinery operators from Vietnam
  • Seminars with machinery operators, dealers, agricultural experts and government representatives
  • Several networking sessions on both days
  • Display, exhibit technology, machinery and innovative, sustainable solutions

Date: 24-26 August 2022

International exhibition and seminar – Muong Thanh Luxury Can Tho Hotel

Field Site: Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute
Can Tho City – Mekong Delta, Vietnam


Agricultural production is a key economic sector in Vietnam. It is contributing to about 18% GDP of the country and 39% of Vietnam’s 100 million inhabitants work in agriculture.

Due to the tropical climate, fertile soils, abundant water supply and rich biodiversity, Vietnamese farmers have increased agricultural production with year-on-year growth rates of over 3.5% over the past two decades. Revenues in agricultural exports has increased over the past two decades from USD 4.2 billion in 2004 to USD 41.3 billion in 2019, making Vietnam the 2nd largest exporter in Southeast Asia. Rice is the most dominant crop and provides livelihoods to two-thirds of the rural labor force.

With over 40 million tons annually, rice production positions Vietnam as the world’s second-largest rice exporter. In order to further increase yields and their exportability and to produce more sustainably, the government is promoting the mechanization of the sector with a development plan. This should continue to drive demand for agricultural equipment and machinery.

Exhibitor Profile

Soil Preparation
Drilling & Sowing
Smart Plant Protection
Precision Fertilizer Applications
Grain Processing & Storage

Visitor Profile

Farm managers and farm owners
Machinery operators/owners
Mechanization service providers
Distributors and dealers
Heads of cooperatives and farmer organizations
Researchers and technicians
Government representatives

24 August 2022


Workshop 1 Synchronized mechanization for sustainable agriculture at Muong Thanh Hotel
8:10-8:20 Opening speech
Organized by Deputy Minister Tran Thanh Nam
Report presentation
1. Headline report: “The current situation and solutions to promote synchronized mechanization and agricultural product processing towards sustainable agriculture”
Organized by Department of Economic Cooperative and Rural Development (DCRD)-MARD
2. Mechanization and postharvest for supporting sustainable rice production
Organized by IRRI
3. Human resources training for development of synchronized mechanization and sustainable agricultural development
Organized by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Agriculture and Forestry, HCMC
4. Trends, potential and development orientation of agricultural by-product processing technology in Vietnam
Organized by Institute of Agricultural Mechatronics and Post-harvest Technology
5. Current trends in grain storage and handling facilities
Organized by DLG/CESCO EPC GmbH (Mr.Peter Norregaard)
6. Applying unmanned aerial vehicles in farming and proposing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Vietnam
Organized by Dai Thanh Joint Stock Company
7. Smart farming model for sustainable rice production
Organized by Binh Dien Co.
8. Airfarm – Drone spray as a service
Organized by Bayer Vietnam Co.
10:00-10:15 Tea-break
Open discussions
Opinions of foreign organizations and experts
Organized by IRRI, DLG
Opinions of domestic organizations and experts
Organized by Institute/University/Experts
Opinions of locality
Organized by Cooperatives/Farmers
Opinions of businesses
11:45 Workshop closing
Organized by Organizers
Workshop 2 Lessons learned from CORIGAP at Muong Thanh Hotel
Session No.1: CORIGAP impact and outcomes
– Developing the best management methodology
– The knowledge and field farmers have gained.
– How the results of CORIGAP include country programs, affected polocies and outreach projects
13:30-13:45 Vietnam
13:45-14:00 Indonesia
14:00-14:15 Thailand
14:15-14:30 China
14:30-14:50 Discussion
14:50-15:20 Tea-break
Session No.2: Impacts on women, youth and small household
15:20-15:45 Mel Connor
15:45-15:55 Discussion
Session No.3: Ecosystem benefits of animal biodiversity in rice-dominated wetlands: transition from food security to agro-ecological approaches for sustainable rice
15:55-16:15 Grant Singleton
16:15-16:20 Discussion
Session No.4: Knowledge products and capacity building to transfer knowleade to other areas
16:20-16:35 Anna de Guia
Session No.5: Influencing policy and private sector engagement for value chain upgrading
16:35-17:00 Gummert, Hung, Flor
17:00-17:15 Discuss all the presentations
17:15-17:30 Special section: Announcement about VNSat-IRRI Book Announcement about CORIGAP Book
25 August 2022

Opening Ceremony at Muong Thanh Hotel, Can Tho City

9:30-9:45 Welcome delegates
9:45-10:00 Welcoming art performance
10:00-10:05 Delegates introduction
10:05-10:15 Opening remarks
10:15-10:20 Event introduction clip
10:20-10:30 Speech of the People’s Committee of Can Tho City
10:30-10:40 Speech of DLG
10:40-10:50 Speech of IRRI
10:50-11:00 Speech of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand
11:00-11:15 Directive statement of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developmnet of Vietnam
11.15-11.30 Event-opening ribbon cutting
11.30 -12.30 Lunch
Workshop 3 Consultancy on establishment of Regional Mechanization Center at Can Tho City People’s Committee
14:50-15:00 Welcome delegates
Organized by MARD/ DRCD
15:00-15:15 Opening speech
Organized by MARD/ DRCD
15:15-15:30 Presentation on the draft of the project to support the development of regional agricultural mechanization center
Organized by DRCD
15:30-15:45 Mekong Delta Mechanization Center Project
Organized by Bui Van Ngo – Institute of Technology
15:45-16:00 Sharing lessons learnt from developing centers of some international organizations
Organized by IRRI, DLG
16:00-16:20 Sharing lessons learnt from developing institutes and businesses
Organized by Loc Troi Agricultural Research Institute; Hoang Thang Agricultural Machinery Co.
16:20-16:50 Opinions of some experts, scientists and managers on the establishment of regional mechanization centers
Organized by Experts, scientists
17:00 Closing/End of program
Organized by DRCD
25-26 August 2022


Display, exhibition of technology, machines, agricultural equipment at Muong Thanh Hotel
– Modern agricultural machines
– Precision sowing machine
– Modern rice processing system
– Demonstration of Drones for fertilizing and spraying pesticides
– Smart drip irrigation equipment and technology
– Digital technology in agriculture, pest monitoring
– Digital tools (apps) for smart rice harvesting and transportation
– Numerical tools for calculating greenhouse gas emissions from rice production
– Products of sustainable agricultural production
– Rice varieties and rice quality assessment program
– Booths about modern and sustainable agricultural production
Demonstration of technology, machines and equipment in the field at Mekong Delta Rice Research Institute
– Operating agriculture machines
– Precision sowing machine
– Demonstration of Drones for fertilizing and spraying pesticides
– Smart drip irrigation equipment and technology
– Digital technology in agriculture, pest monitoring
– Technologies, equipment and machines on modern and sustainable agricultural production
– Other demonstrations

Exhibitor List


From Tan Son Nhat International Airport to Muong Thanh Luxury Can Tho Hotel.
(3 hr 30 min / 165 km.)

From Muong Thanh luxury Can Tho Hotel to Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute.
(50 min / 27 km.)

Field Site

Demonstration of technology in the field will take place at Mekong Delta Rice Research Institute.

Ideal because of its proximity to many farmers and decision makers, the site is located in Can Tho Province in the Mekong River Delta.

With 50% of rice production, the Mekong River Delta is considered as the main rice basket of Vietnam. It is about 200km from Ho Chi Minh City. Government representatives, agricultural decision makers as well as approximately 5,000 farmers are located in this area.

Exhibition and Seminar

For the Display and Exhibition of technology machines and agricultural equipment will take place at Muong Thahn Can Tho hotel.

There will be a shuttle-bus from the hotel to the field site. The distance from the hotel to the field site is about 30km.

Address: Mường Thanh Luxury Cần Tho, Khu E1, cồn, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ 900000, Vietnam


Seize the opportunity to offer your products on Vietnam’s market: You can either demonstrate your machines in motion or present your solutions at your information counter.

As exhibitor, you can participate in all seminars and networking sessions. The media entry and comprehensive promotion in our digital communications are included.

>> Full-service information booth (inside tent) – 9m² or 18m²
>> Raw space (inside tent)
>> Live machinery demonstration in the field

Would you like to participate comprehensively as Diamont, Gold or Silver Sponsor? We have specialized offers – please contact us directly.


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD)

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Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Science

Department of Cooperatives and Rural Development

Department of Crop Production


Cuu Long Rice Research Institute

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