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“As Minos Agri we are aware of the strategic importance and growing speed of the Asian market. According to this knowledge, we are participating as premium partner for this remarkable show to welcome great opportunities in Asia.”

Mehmet TURKAYVice President of Minos Agri

Minos Power Harrows are the machines that cultivate the land and prepare the seed-bed. As their blades which can process the soil vertically as deep as 28 cm cultivate the land without making it upside down, the soil moisture is preserved and the formation of footstones. Another equipment can be attached to the power-take-off shaft at the back of the special transmission with optional Hydraulic attachment; this way more than one work is performed at one time and thus saving of time and fuel are realized and the farm traffic is decreased.

22 – 24 August 2018, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand

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