Martin Gummert

| Senior Scientist, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Topic: Value chain upgrading from harvesting to markets for sustainable rice production


Martin Gummert is leading IRRI’s Mechanization and Postharvest Cluster and is coordinating the Postharvest Activity and the Value Chain Support Services Clusters of the Flagship Program 2, Upgrading of Rice Value Chains of the CGIAR Research Program RICE. He is also leading the SDC funded Closing the Yield Gaps in Asia COPIGAP and postharvest and mechanization components of World Bank funded project in Myanmar, Burundi and India. He has a rich experience in providing consulting services to public and private stakeholders. His ambition is to contribute to sustainable rice production and to make farming in developing countries a viable career option for young people through scaling out state of the art technologies and management options.