CLAAS Regional Center South East Asia Ltd.

CLAAS Regional Center South East Asia Ltd.

Claas KGaA mbH is an agricultural machinery group founded in 1913 and headquartered in Harsewinkel. Claas is the market leader in the production of combine harvesters in Europe. In addition to tractors, Claas also manufactures mowers, rakes, hay turners, balers and loader wagons.


CLAAS QUADRANT 4200 is the most recent model for sugarcane leaves baling. Compared to small square balers, the QUADRANT’s main benefit is its higher throughput, wherefore the field can be cleaned faster allowing the sugarcane plants to start growing for the next harvest season earlier. Moreover, the high-density baling of sugarcane leaves provides significant savings on transport costs by utilizing the full weight capacity during truck transport.



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SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH – SILOKING TrailedLine & SILOKING StaticLine

SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH

1. SILOKING TrailedLine

Trailed feed mixer for feed preparation for ruminant animals



2. SILOKING StaticLine

Stationary feed mixer for feed preparation for ruminant animals

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Wilhelm Stoll Maschinenfabrik GmbH – Front end loaders & implements for Tractors

Wilhelm Stoll Maschinenfabrik GmbH


Wilhelm Stoll Maschinenfabrik GmbH, headquartered in Lengede, southeast of Hanover in Germany, is the parent company of the international Stoll Group with approximately 600 employees.



Front end loaders & implements for Tractors



Stoll is one of the worldwide market leaders for front loaders and implements for tractors from 10 to over 300 hp. This specialized company develops, produces and sells the three front loader lines ProfiLine, Solid and CompactLine – partly under its own brand, partly as an OEM partner for tractor manufacturers.



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HK DJI Software Technology Co., Ltd. – DJI AGRAS T16 & DJI MG-1P

HK DJI Software Technology Co., Ltd.




The Agras T16 has an improved overall structure with modular design and supports the highest payload and widest spray width ever in a DJI agricultural drone. With powerful hardware, an AI engine, and 3D-operation planning, the T16 brings operational efficiency to a whole new level.



2. DJI MG-1P

The DJI MG-1P is revolutionizing the way farmers around the globe manage crops. This spraying drone dramatically increases work efficiency with the ability to pre-plan routes and control up to five aircraft at once within a 3-km range.


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Maschinenfabrik Stolpen GmbH – baler machine & automatic loading wagon

Maschinenfabrik Stolpen GmbH

The 1st Time Launch in Asia


1. baler machine

high density baler machine with – automatic loading system – process hay, wheat, rice straw with a bale weight up to 90kg – bale chamber 40 x 50 cm – baler length 40 – 120 cm – piston stroke 85 per min – weight 2.5 t



2. automatic loading wagon

Low loss loading, exact and careful cutting, high performance and a first class feed structure are several plus points of our technology. Loading and silage trucks with 4 – 24 tons maximum approved weight are the complex technologies supplied by our company.


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Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG – V-MIX & MEGASTAR

Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG


1. V-MIX

Vertical mixer-feeder from 3.5 to 46 cbm which can handle and mix all kind of feed components and turn them into a well mixed TMR (Total Mix Ration) Tractor-trailed, self-loading, self-propelled and stationary models are available.




Silo block cutter which cuts square silo blocks (from 1.6 to 3.6 cbm) with an active cutting knife system from a bunk silo. The active knife cut seals the face of the silo wall and thus avoids re-fermentation (reheating) of the silage.


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Gummiwerk KRAIBURG Elastik GmbH & Co. KG – WINGFLEX & profiKURA

Gummiwerk KRAIBURG Elastik GmbH & Co. KG

The 1st Time Launch in Asia



Very comfortable and durable Lying mat for Dairy cows, 60mm thick. Best Price – Comfort – Ratio in Market.



2. profiKURA

Walking, Standing, Milking areas with best comfort for high productivity and healthy hoofs.


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Böck Silosysteme GmbH – BÖCK Blue 9 & BÖCK GITTERflex

Böck Silosysteme GmbH


1. BÖCK Blue 9

BÖCK Blue 9 is the true evolution of silage sheets! It is produced from 9 different layers. A clever material mix offers maximum strength – even if the thickness is reduced to 80 microns, it offers 18-months UV-stability and prevents silage from reheating. Blue 9 doesn’t require any additional clingfilm.




Covering silage with tyres used to be the standard, but since the invention of GITTERflex®, there’s a better way to protect silage. BÖCK GITTERflex® netting protects the silage film against damage caused by any animals and hail. It also prevents the sheets from flapping and forcing air into the silage.

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World Group


Best sales of harvester in China, the quality is reliable and good performance in muddy field, high efficiency, expert in lodging rice harvesting, good service and sufficient spare parts, optional for different kinds of accessories.




Different size of wheel tractor suitable for different condition, from 40-150HP all can be manufactured. Good quality and performance,


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