Böck Silosysteme GmbH – BÖCK Blue 9 & BÖCK GITTERflex

Böck Silosysteme GmbH


1. BÖCK Blue 9

BÖCK Blue 9 is the true evolution of silage sheets! It is produced from 9 different layers. A clever material mix offers maximum strength – even if the thickness is reduced to 80 microns, it offers 18-months UV-stability and prevents silage from reheating. Blue 9 doesn’t require any additional clingfilm.




Covering silage with tyres used to be the standard, but since the invention of GITTERflex®, there’s a better way to protect silage. BÖCK GITTERflex® netting protects the silage film against damage caused by any animals and hail. It also prevents the sheets from flapping and forcing air into the silage.

Visit Böck Silosysteme GmbH: www.boeck.de/international

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