Mr. Roland Treitler

| Project Director – German International Cooperation (GIZ)

Topic: Financial Innovation for Mitigation Measures in the Agricultural Sector

Mr. Roland has built the foundation of profound understanding of market forces and dynamics, arbitrage opportunities and risk management by 15 years of experience in the Capital Market trading Derivatives. The combination of experiences in the Capital Market as well as the environmental / agricultural sectors lead me to several financial innovations in these sectors. The most recent ones are the Revolving Fund Structure for introducing new technologies in the agriculture sector, an incentive scheme for Ecosystem Services (Intrinsic Ecological Value) and a Concept for a Cryptocurrency for Natural Capital.

The fund’s objective is to promote the spread of climate-friendly agriculture extension services like Laser Land Levelling (LLL) to Thai rice farmers using an innovative financial mechanism. Once LLL service delivery is complete, service providers are paid by the fund thereby taking farmer credit risk out of the transaction equation. Farmers subsequently repay the fund in 3 instalments. The fund pays service providers an amount less per hectare than what it charges farmers. The differential is retained by the fund to continue the capitalization of the fund for growth so that the fund can provide more climate-friendly services to farmers going forward.