Lovol – Press Release

“AGRITECHNICA – No. 1 professional agricultural exhibition in the world, has signature standing in the market, where I meet suppliers, sales agents, customers and industry experts from all over the world gathering in Hannover for business negotiations, investment, technical exchange and cooperation. I am very much impressed. .AGRITECHNICA provides us a big platform for the development of global agriculture industry and plays an important role in promoting.
Asia is very important part of the global food supply chain with vast land and rich natural resources. Agriculture plays very important role in Asian economy. The world top brand agricultural companies stand out in the region. Now AGRITECHNICA comes to Asia! I believe it will definitely bring new platform and opportunities to the development of agriculture in Asia.

Lovol, as the leading agricultural equipment manufacturer in China, is committed to provide the technical solutions to the agricultural production chain. LOVOL product ranges from soil cultivation, precision seeding, plant protection, harvester, transportation and storage, etc. With view to modern farming, LOVOL is engaged in smart farming with smart machinery application, and aims to service the farmers with quality and reliability.
Lovol Group is very pleased to join hands with the DLG (German Agricultural Society) to present our brand, products, technology and service to the customers from around the world on this platform of AGRITECHNICA Asia.
I wish this exhibition a great success! Thank you very much!”

Mr. Wang Guimin, Chairman of Board, LOVOL

Pöttinger – Press Release

Pöttinger focuses on Asia Pacific

As an Austrian manufacturer of agricultural technology, Pöttinger relies on its innovative products and increasing its internationalisation. Asia Pacific is a major growth region that is increasingly moving into focus. Oceania achieved excellent growth in sales during the previous business year.

The increase in milk consumption in Asian countries will lead to considerable demand for grassland equipment. As the specialist in the grassland sector, Pöttinger is in a position to make a significant contribution. The product range is correspondingly versatile: from mowers and tedders to rakes and loader wagons, the grassland machines offer high output and pure efficiency. With the newly developed IMPRESS round baler, Pöttinger is now setting the standard in baler technology.

Moreover, there is great demand for investment in arable farming: in the tillage, soil preparation and seed drill technology sectors, Pöttinger has delivered enormous performance in terms of new development and now offers matching soil cultivation concepts ranging from straightforward, cost-effective solutions to extremely high-performance results to meet the highest specifications. The comprehensive product range extends from ploughs, stubble cultivators, power harrows and disc harrows through to seed drills.

More Success with Pöttinger
“By participating at AGRITECHNICA ASIA we are showing our international commitment in the Asia Pacific region and look forward to ongoing growth in this emerging market. With our products and services we are well prepared for covering the needs of this region”, says Christoph Mauhart, Business Development Manager, on the promising future in Asia.

For more information, please contact:

Christoph Mauhart (Business Development Manager Asia, Oceania)
Mail: christoph.mauhart@poettinger.at
Tel.: +43 664 803 802 2141

For printer-optimised photos and further details to our machines, please visit: www.poettinger.at.

Maschio Gaspardo – Press Release



Maschio Gaspardo is a world’s leading company in agricultural implements since 1964. Thanks to the last acquisitions, Maschio Gaspardo can now offer a full range to his customers: primary tillage, crop care, residue management and with more than 200 years of experience in seeding/planting of all crops.
The Company has now 11 production plants: 8 in Italy, 3 abroad in Romania, India and China. Moreover, Maschio Gaspardo has 12 sales branches worldwide and is present in more than 100 countries.
The Group has a turnover of over 300 million Euro with a stable growth expected for the next two years. More than 80% of turnover is generated by foreign markets and an important role is played my Asian market.

Product Range:
Maschio Gaspardo has been providing the crop solution starting from land preparation to crop care and residue management. Our range includes more than 400 products from ploughs, subsoilers, cultivators, rotary tillers, power harrows, precision planters, seed-drills, sprayers, mist blowers, shredders, mulchers and many more.

Maschio Gaspardo in Asia:
Maschio Gaspardo is operating in Asia for over a decade, and is known for its wide range, dedicated network and promp costumer service.
In China starting from 2004 Maschio has invested in the market to gain a strong postion and in 2014 inaugurated a state-of-art manufacturing plant for the production of planters, rotary tillers and mulches. Maschio Gaspardo is market leader among foreign brands in China market for implements.
In India, in 2012 the Group has established a manufacturing plant for the production of rotary tillers, gaining a leadership position in Indian market.
Beside manufacturing units, Maschio Gaspardo has a huge network in China and India, with more than 250 dealers, providing best solution and best support to the farmers.
Maschio Gaspardo has a strong presence in all Asia countries, with more than 30 importers.
Maschio Gaspardo is developing with passion and steady growth the best network in Asia, focusing on customer needs and service. Thanks to the network partners, Maschio Gaspardo is market leader in most of Asian countries.
Maschio Gaspardo has a very strong R&D center in Asia, one located in India and one located in China, with more than 20 Engineers that they are focusing on Asia crops and Asia products.
Now the Company, aware of the strategic importance and the considerable growth of Asian market is focalizing to provide the complete farm solution to Asian farmers, providing high qualified after sales support and trainings for enrichment of farmers knowledge toward new age agricultural mechanization.

Fliegl – Press Release

“Being a launch partner of this new show offers my company a perfect platform to present its products to customers and partners from the key countries of the important Asian markets.”
Josef Fliegl, President, Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH

The Fliegl success story began exactly 40 years ago: In Kastl my father Josef Flieg Sr. founded a Mechanical engineering shop, in which he converted dumpers and produced slurry tanks. Now, almost 14,600 days later, Fliegl Agrartechnik is worldwide the biggest agricultural trailer manufacturer and produces quality products for agriculture, transport, biogas and forest technology.
One of the most important decisions for our success was moving the company headquarters from Töging to Mühldorf two years ago. On an area of about 30 hectares, on four assembly lines, dumpers, biogas plants, slurry tanks and push-off trailers are produced for worldwide markets. With the foundation of our subsidiaries in North America, Brazil and North Africa we have finally established ourselves as a global player. Fliegl exports to all continents of the world. Also in 2015 the agricultural industry finds itself again in a fundamental rebuild, which is characterized by rapid technical advances, from new legal regulations and from the unstable political and global economic climate. In this way the new liquid manure amendment changes the requirements the farmer has from his machine. The new fertilizer ordinance specifies that, by 2020 ammonia emissions mush be reduced by 5 %. This requires new solutions for liquid manure spreading and collection technologies. A challenge which we are pleased to meet and for which we already have a competent and straightforward solution with our products, such as for example the Fliegl slurry injector Universal. Markets and the underlying conditions change and as such, require continual questioning. What are you doing? What have you done already? What do you plan to do? For us, it is a matter of course to respond to these changes, in order to present the best possible solutions to our dealers and customers. Our products meet all requirements presented by politics and environmental protection that a modern farmer can face. For the future I hope to continue the good co-operative work with our partner network. Only if we work together, pulling on the same cord and drawing us all forward with full vigour, we can follow up on the successes of the last four decades. It is beyond the scope of this document to enumerate the cooperation between the various partners.
You can be sure: They are close to my heart. From the individual sales representative to the strategic partner from large industrial companies. We talk about Fliegl & friends, this is no exaggeration. To all who helped sustain the success of the Fliegl Group, I say thank you! You can be sure: We will be there, developing new products and further optimizing the existing ones – in the same way way for the next 40 years.
Josef Fliegl Jr.

For further information please contact:
Sebastian Smija
Sales manager Asia / Pacific

Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH
Bürgermeister-Boch-Str. 1
84453 Mühldorf am Inn

Tel.: +49 (0)8631 307- 346
Fax: +49 (0)8631 307- 550
Mobil: +49 (0)178 2006081

E-Mail: sebastian.smija@fliegl.com
Web: www.fliegl.com

CLAAS – Press Release

“CLAAS is proud to be launch partner for the AGRITECHNICA ASIA 2017 and welcomes the opportunity to contribute to an outstanding event to establish a platform for industry leaders, agricultural experts and consumers.“

Benjamin Bhakdi, Managing Director, CLAAS Regional Center South East Asia Ltd.

CLAAS (www.claas-group.com) is a family business founded in 1913 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural engineering equipment. The company, with corporate headquarters in Harsewinkel, Westphalia, is the European market leader in combine harvesters. CLAAS is the world leader in another large product group, self-propelled forage harvesters. CLAAS is also a top performer in world-wide agricultural engineering with tractors, agricultural balers and green harvesting machinery. The CLAAS product portfolio also includes state-of-the-art farming information technology. CLAAS employs 11,500 workers worldwide and reported a turnover of 3.8 billion euros in the financial year of 2015.
The CLAAS Regional Center South East Asia Ltd. (CRC SEA) established in 2012 is responsible to bring advanced farming solutions to the markets in South East Asia, East Asia and Pakistan.
CLAAS is committed to provide modern farming solutions to professional farmers, largescale projects and the Agro industry in the rapidly developing markets in South East Asia. The ever increasing competition in the agricultural markets of the 21st century require optimized farming solutions and in depth training of after sales teams and operators to compete efficiently with high quality produce. With a worldwide network of sales partners in emerging markets, CLAAS can accelerate introduction of appropriate farming technology to the South East Asian region.
CLAAS is proud to present its world leading technology at the AGRITECHNICA Asia including the JAGUAR 950 forage harvester for the dairy industry and biomass to power operations, a comprehensive 47-265hp range of tractors, the QUADRANT 4200 large square baler with proven performance in sugar cane residue baling and the versatile telescopic loader SCORPION 6030. CLAAS is using the first mover advantage in several new segments of the agricultural value chain to validate and adapt our product line up to each market in the region.
Since the inception of CLAAS in 1913 until today we have always strived to provide the most appropriate, efficient and economical solution for our customers. We firmly believe that by using this philosophy as the guideline for our ambitions in the SEA market, CLAAS will be able to help advancing modern farming practices, quality and profitability in the agricultural sector.
Please be welcome to our booth at the AGRITECHNICA Asia 2017 at the BITEC Exhibition Hall 106 Stand no.G8.

For further information please contact:

Benjamin S. Punyaratabandhu Bhakdi
Regional Director, CLAAS Global Sales GmbH
Managing Director, CLAAS Regional Center South East Asia Ltd.

Unit 1803, 18th Floor, 29 Bangkok Business Center Building, Sukhumvit 63
10110 Klongton-Nua, Khet Watana, Bangkok
Kingdom of Thailand

Telefon + 66 272 69 66 7 – 116
Telefax +66 272 69 66 9


AGCO – Press Release

“Thailand continues to be a challenging market with retail finance being a key driver in mechanization for the volume market i.e. compact tractor sector. For the higher horsepower sector weather and commodity pricing is key. The larger producers are looking to mechanization to stream line and improve productivity, this is exciting as technology and machinery innovation plays a large part in this process. The same can be said for all countries in Asia, Myanmar is opening quickly with a need for modern equipment, and Vietnam cropping is changing so there is a shift in machinery types and sizes. Indonesian market, especially sugar industry are seeking solutions due to labor issues. There is in some size or sector in all countries an increased demand for technology and mechanization.”

Alex Baker, Manager – Far East, AGCO Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd

AGCO. We are a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of solutions and innovations in Agriculture.
Through tireless research and development. Significant capital investments in technology. Forward-thinking people. They’re the things we focus on every single day to be as innovative as possible. They’re the reasons AGCO is leading the agricultural revolution by helping growers be more productive, efficient and profitable.
AGCO’s deep experience, long heritage and broad dealer network give us the ability to inherently know our customers’ needs more than others. But we don’t stop there. Building on constant feedback from customers, our designers work closely with suppliers, agronomists and research institutions to create solutions that make a real difference in the field and on the bottom line.
From hybrid combine harvesters to telemetry-based tracking systems (and so much in between!), AGCO’s innovative approaches are helping make more productive farms—and helping make the world a better, more sustainable place.
At AGCO, we focus on efficiency across all of our brands in four key ways:
Machine Uptime: When it comes to productivity, it’s no secret that maximizing uptime is key. From machinery to grain storage solutions. AGCO technologies such as wireless connectivity and diagnostic services help you run a smarter, more profitable enterprise
Machine Optimization: Automation is a big part of how AGCO delivers exceptional machine optimization. The AGCO automatic guidance system helps farmers do a better, more precise job by minimizing overlap and skip and reducing time and fuel consumption, among many other benefits.
Logistic Management: For big farms working with big data, AGCO logistics management analyzes machine data, including yields and financials, on the farm and in the field to deliver better service and maximize uptime.
Reduce Waste: It’s all about waste vs. yield. Everything AGCO produces is focused on doing two things: Helping to reduce waste through reduced costs of inputs and increasing yields
With these key areas in mind we work tirelessly to help make today’s farms more productive and more profitable. As the world of agriculture changes, so do we. Brazenly. We do it for the farmers. For the people working for them. For ourselves. For the future. We are Leading the Way.

For further information please contact:

Alex Baker
Manager – Far East

AGCO Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd
51 Goldhill Plaza #16-10/11
Singapore 308900

Tel: +65 6255 8311Fax: +65 6255 5030
Web: www.agco.com Email: Alex.Baker@agcocorp.com