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Maschio Gaspardo is a world’s leading company in agricultural implements since 1964. Thanks to the last acquisitions, Maschio Gaspardo can now offer a full range to his customers: primary tillage, crop care, residue management and with more than 200 years of experience in seeding/planting of all crops.
The Company has now 11 production plants: 8 in Italy, 3 abroad in Romania, India and China. Moreover, Maschio Gaspardo has 12 sales branches worldwide and is present in more than 100 countries.
The Group has a turnover of over 300 million Euro with a stable growth expected for the next two years. More than 80% of turnover is generated by foreign markets and an important role is played my Asian market.

Product Range:
Maschio Gaspardo has been providing the crop solution starting from land preparation to crop care and residue management. Our range includes more than 400 products from ploughs, subsoilers, cultivators, rotary tillers, power harrows, precision planters, seed-drills, sprayers, mist blowers, shredders, mulchers and many more.

Maschio Gaspardo in Asia:
Maschio Gaspardo is operating in Asia for over a decade, and is known for its wide range, dedicated network and promp costumer service.
In China starting from 2004 Maschio has invested in the market to gain a strong postion and in 2014 inaugurated a state-of-art manufacturing plant for the production of planters, rotary tillers and mulches. Maschio Gaspardo is market leader among foreign brands in China market for implements.
In India, in 2012 the Group has established a manufacturing plant for the production of rotary tillers, gaining a leadership position in Indian market.
Beside manufacturing units, Maschio Gaspardo has a huge network in China and India, with more than 250 dealers, providing best solution and best support to the farmers.
Maschio Gaspardo has a strong presence in all Asia countries, with more than 30 importers.
Maschio Gaspardo is developing with passion and steady growth the best network in Asia, focusing on customer needs and service. Thanks to the network partners, Maschio Gaspardo is market leader in most of Asian countries.
Maschio Gaspardo has a very strong R&D center in Asia, one located in India and one located in China, with more than 20 Engineers that they are focusing on Asia crops and Asia products.
Now the Company, aware of the strategic importance and the considerable growth of Asian market is focalizing to provide the complete farm solution to Asian farmers, providing high qualified after sales support and trainings for enrichment of farmers knowledge toward new age agricultural mechanization.

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