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“Being a launch partner of this new show offers my company a perfect platform to present its products to customers and partners from the key countries of the important Asian markets.”
Josef Fliegl, President, Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH

The Fliegl success story began exactly 40 years ago: In Kastl my father Josef Flieg Sr. founded a Mechanical engineering shop, in which he converted dumpers and produced slurry tanks. Now, almost 14,600 days later, Fliegl Agrartechnik is worldwide the biggest agricultural trailer manufacturer and produces quality products for agriculture, transport, biogas and forest technology.
One of the most important decisions for our success was moving the company headquarters from Töging to Mühldorf two years ago. On an area of about 30 hectares, on four assembly lines, dumpers, biogas plants, slurry tanks and push-off trailers are produced for worldwide markets. With the foundation of our subsidiaries in North America, Brazil and North Africa we have finally established ourselves as a global player. Fliegl exports to all continents of the world. Also in 2015 the agricultural industry finds itself again in a fundamental rebuild, which is characterized by rapid technical advances, from new legal regulations and from the unstable political and global economic climate. In this way the new liquid manure amendment changes the requirements the farmer has from his machine. The new fertilizer ordinance specifies that, by 2020 ammonia emissions mush be reduced by 5 %. This requires new solutions for liquid manure spreading and collection technologies. A challenge which we are pleased to meet and for which we already have a competent and straightforward solution with our products, such as for example the Fliegl slurry injector Universal. Markets and the underlying conditions change and as such, require continual questioning. What are you doing? What have you done already? What do you plan to do? For us, it is a matter of course to respond to these changes, in order to present the best possible solutions to our dealers and customers. Our products meet all requirements presented by politics and environmental protection that a modern farmer can face. For the future I hope to continue the good co-operative work with our partner network. Only if we work together, pulling on the same cord and drawing us all forward with full vigour, we can follow up on the successes of the last four decades. It is beyond the scope of this document to enumerate the cooperation between the various partners.
You can be sure: They are close to my heart. From the individual sales representative to the strategic partner from large industrial companies. We talk about Fliegl & friends, this is no exaggeration. To all who helped sustain the success of the Fliegl Group, I say thank you! You can be sure: We will be there, developing new products and further optimizing the existing ones – in the same way way for the next 40 years.
Josef Fliegl Jr.

For further information please contact:
Sebastian Smija
Sales manager Asia / Pacific

Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH
Bürgermeister-Boch-Str. 1
84453 Mühldorf am Inn

Tel.: +49 (0)8631 307- 346
Fax: +49 (0)8631 307- 550
Mobil: +49 (0)178 2006081

E-Mail: sebastian.smija@fliegl.com
Web: www.fliegl.com

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