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“Thailand continues to be a challenging market with retail finance being a key driver in mechanization for the volume market i.e. compact tractor sector. For the higher horsepower sector weather and commodity pricing is key. The larger producers are looking to mechanization to stream line and improve productivity, this is exciting as technology and machinery innovation plays a large part in this process. The same can be said for all countries in Asia, Myanmar is opening quickly with a need for modern equipment, and Vietnam cropping is changing so there is a shift in machinery types and sizes. Indonesian market, especially sugar industry are seeking solutions due to labor issues. There is in some size or sector in all countries an increased demand for technology and mechanization.”

Alex Baker, Manager – Far East, AGCO Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd

AGCO. We are a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of solutions and innovations in Agriculture.
Through tireless research and development. Significant capital investments in technology. Forward-thinking people. They’re the things we focus on every single day to be as innovative as possible. They’re the reasons AGCO is leading the agricultural revolution by helping growers be more productive, efficient and profitable.
AGCO’s deep experience, long heritage and broad dealer network give us the ability to inherently know our customers’ needs more than others. But we don’t stop there. Building on constant feedback from customers, our designers work closely with suppliers, agronomists and research institutions to create solutions that make a real difference in the field and on the bottom line.
From hybrid combine harvesters to telemetry-based tracking systems (and so much in between!), AGCO’s innovative approaches are helping make more productive farms—and helping make the world a better, more sustainable place.
At AGCO, we focus on efficiency across all of our brands in four key ways:
Machine Uptime: When it comes to productivity, it’s no secret that maximizing uptime is key. From machinery to grain storage solutions. AGCO technologies such as wireless connectivity and diagnostic services help you run a smarter, more profitable enterprise
Machine Optimization: Automation is a big part of how AGCO delivers exceptional machine optimization. The AGCO automatic guidance system helps farmers do a better, more precise job by minimizing overlap and skip and reducing time and fuel consumption, among many other benefits.
Logistic Management: For big farms working with big data, AGCO logistics management analyzes machine data, including yields and financials, on the farm and in the field to deliver better service and maximize uptime.
Reduce Waste: It’s all about waste vs. yield. Everything AGCO produces is focused on doing two things: Helping to reduce waste through reduced costs of inputs and increasing yields
With these key areas in mind we work tirelessly to help make today’s farms more productive and more profitable. As the world of agriculture changes, so do we. Brazenly. We do it for the farmers. For the people working for them. For ourselves. For the future. We are Leading the Way.

For further information please contact:

Alex Baker
Manager – Far East

AGCO Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd
51 Goldhill Plaza #16-10/11
Singapore 308900

Tel: +65 6255 8311Fax: +65 6255 5030
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