Commencing Today: AGRITECHNICA ASIA and Horti ASIA 2017

The Historical Pillar of Trade shows for Agricultural Machinery and Horticultural Technology and Innovations

Bangkok-Frankfurt — March 15, 2017.

The historical pillar of the tradeshow for smart horticultural and floricultural technology, and the historical pillar of the trade show of technology of agricultural machinery and equipment, i.e. “Horti ASIA 2017” and “AGRITECHNICA Asia 2017”, respectively, have been established so as to showcase Asian eminence in this regard by VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. and DLG International GmbH (German Agricultural Society), in cooperation with the Department of Agricultural Extension, the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (of Thailand), Ministry of Economic Affairs (of the Netherlands), the Horticultural Science Society of Thailand, the Conservation and Development of Coconut Oil of Thailand Forum, as well as the International Exhibition Industry Division, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), all in their concentrated effort so as to create stimulation to agricultural and horticultural economy as a whole, and so as to provide the opportunity for international business negotiations to take place, with an aim thereby to eventually lead to another historical and monumental series of technological advancements and innovations being introduced from Europe to Asia. “Horti ASIA 2017” and “AGRITECHNICA Asia 2017” are held between March 15 and March 17, 2017 at BITEC (Bangkok, Thailand). The organizers of both events are delighted to be given the honor upon this occasion by Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (of Thailand) Mr.Thanit Anekwit, who is kind enough to have presided over the ceremony; as well as both Thai and foreign dignitaries and representatives from their respective nations’ governmental and private sectors, all of who are also kind enough to have participated in the opening ceremony.

Year 2017 marks the fifth occasion upon which Horti ASIA, i.e. Horti ASIA 2017, is held. VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., foreseeing the opportunity so as to make further development of the event into an international technology and innovation tradeshow, thus has declared its joint venture with DLG International GmbH, the latter of which, in its capacity as organizer of note from Germany, signifies the one responsible for success of Hortitechnica Stuttgart. In fact, the aforementioned joint venture also serves as a turning point from which ‘Horti ASIA’ has become more in line with an epitome of international standards of event organizing. Horti ASIA 2017 will be blessed with a plethora of leading companies from Thailand, Asia, as well as Europe, all of which amount to more than 130 exhibitors from 22 countries across the globe and exhibitions upon over 6,000 square-meters worth of useable space therein. In addition, Horti ASIA 2017 promises to provide best showcases and exhibitions from the aforementioned participatory companies, whereby the entire process of agriculture will be covered, thus ranging from pre-cultivation, preparation, harvesting, breeding and seed production, fertilization technology, soil condition improvement, cultivation and harvesting technology, temperature control, as well as ventilation; all the more, the major highlight especially lies in the discipline of ‘greenhouse technology’, the beau ideal of which is particularly prepared by the European participatory counterpart in light of the exhibition in this event and with the latest technological advancements. During this event (Horti ASIA 2017), Thai agriculturists and farmers, therefore, will be provided with the opportunity to exchange knowledge and technological expertise with a variety of international companies in order that they be able to eventually make use of the newfound know-how and techniques to their own agricultural enterprises more effectively.

AGRITECHNICA Asia 2017, which is held for the first time in Thailand and Asia, is an organized event born of the joint venture between DLG International GmbH (German Agricultural Society) and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., the latter of which has foreseen the sign of progression (growth) in agricultural technology market in Asia, the crucible of which would be more than likely to draw international investments from other global regions. Therefore, the aforementioned joint venture has in process provided for a massive influx of investors and buyers, as well as major companies from Europe, into thralldom of Asia in light of the launching of markets. More than 89 leading companies from 20 countries are expected to carry out showcases and exhibitions upon over 5,100 square-meters worth of useable space therein. Regarding the major highlight, visitors will be provided an opportunity to witness a complete set of machineries and equipment in light of innovations for cultivation of corn (maize), rice, cassava, and sugar cane. AGRITECHNICA Asia 2017 will provide stimulation for connections of business and commercial cooperation between Asia and Europe, thus exemplifying an ideally effective business platform under current economic circumstances, as well as providing solutions to “Thailand 4.0” policy and to the gigantic agricultural plots, thus resulting in Thailand’s agricultural industry eventually becoming a beau ideal of flawless, agriculturally technological exemplar.

On behalf of Thailand’s governmental sector, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Mr.Thanit Anekwit, has provided an opening speech, as well as the information on current situation of agricultural economy, that “The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives operates policies aimed at encouraging Thai agriculturists to fulfil their competitive potentials in the global market and boost Thailand’s agricultural products to be acknowledged from both local and oversea markets. During 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has laid down a guideline on large agricultural land plot to develop potential, reduce the production cost and employ the optimized technology to help Thai agriculturists in harvesting quality products and be self-sufficiency.

I strongly believe that the HORTI ASIA 2017 & AGRITECHNICA ASIA 2017 become one of Thailand’s major fair. It could achieve the aims and objectives of being agricultural production hub, which meets global market’s requirements, and creating a great opportunity for helping Thai agricultures to perceive cutting-edge technology and evolution and applying in their agricultural developments”.

Regarding “Horti ASIA 2017” and “AGRITECHNICA Asia 2017”, there are more than 219 exhibitors from 42 countries across the globe participating in both events upon 11,100 square-meters worth of useable space at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand. It is estimated that more than 10,000 visitors whose businesses are related to agricultural and horticultural industry will have graced the venue over the course of 3 days of both events. In addition, there are also a number of international pavilions being showcased from Australia, China, Thailand and the United States (of America) at the aforementioned events. We are very confident that this year will witness more visitors, especially when all eyes are upon Southeast Asia region at present.

In addition to technology and innovation, as well as a variety of tools and machineries, all of which are showcased in the events, the organizers, in cooperation with several world-renowned guest speakers and a number of leading technology companies, are also well set to provide visitors with myriads of seminars in which they can participate free of charge: e.g. dairy farm business forum, bagasse management for renewable energy benefits, the conference on trade and investment policy on agricultural machineries in Asia Pacific market, all of the aforementioned of which are allocated for AGRITECHNICA Asia 2017; furthermore, there are horticultural seminars to be held such as the talks on Thai mango and its direction in the wake of climate change, the seminar on future vision of soilless horticultural business in Thailand, the seminar on the development of quality coconut oil, the conference on analysis of the situation (status) and trend of vegetable farm business in Asia and organic farming for vegetation, etc. “Horti ASIA 2017” and “AGRITECHNICA Asia 2017” will be held at Halls 105-106, between March 15 and March 17, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For the entrepreneurs in agricultural industry, interested parties from all sectors, as well as those who would like to visit the event(s), please pre-register for admittance — worth Baht 1,000 of admission fee — free of charge by using the invitation password HP2211 or AP 1211 at the registration desk or via website /

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