RNZ is a quality producer of plant nutrition products based in Dubai.  It produces 300,000tpa granular NPKs & 48,000tpa soluble NPKs fully customized as per farmer needs.  ISO accredited company which supplies quality products after rigorous testing at its state of the art laboratory consisting of ICP & CFA.

In additional to production, it is an asset based supplier of full range of straight water soluble & granular fertilizers being sourced from its own facilities/ partner companies world-wide.  RNZ strongly believes in supplying quality products to its fast expanding markets of South & South East Asia, Africa & Middle East. RNZ ensures the raw materails are of  highest quality & also check our products for heavy metals like Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, Mercury & Cadmium.  Crystalline, fully water soluble NPK fertilizers are specially developed for Fertigation and Foliar application which are enriched with magnesium and various micronutrients.Click here to add your own text