Dr. Yasser Dergham

Technical and Sales Manager

Topic: Use of Humic Acid and Humic Substances in Agricultural Sectors, Applications and Results

Date: 22 August 2018

Time: 16.30-17.00 hrs.

Room: DLG Forum, Hall 98

Date / Place of Birth:    15/10/60, Damascus, Syria

Nationality:                 German

Status:                         Married

1978 – 1983                Studies in the agricultural college of Damascus University,
specialization in horticulture. Diploma Horticulture „very good”

1989 – 1994                Dissertation at the Botanical Institute of Bonn University, Germany.

1994- 1998                 Director of Fungi Research at GAMU Company in Krefeld

1998-2004                  Research and Development of several soil microorganism as plant root growth enhancer

Since 2004                  Technical and Sales Manager by Humintech GmbH, Grevenbroich, Germany