Fan Seperator – FAN BRU 400 & FAN Separator Plug&Play 1.1-300

Fan Seperator


1. FAN BRU 400

FAN has scaled down the BRU concept, which produces bedding from undigested raw fiber in the slurry, for small operations with between 200 and 400 head of dairy cattle. FAN has made it possible to establish a cycle of material that lowers costs and contributes to optimal milk output.


2. FAN Separator Plug&Play 1.1-300

FAN presents a small mobile Separator where all components are connected with each other within a narrow space: from the feeding pump and the wiring over to the electronic control system. Can be used for all sorts of liquid wastewater on farms, biogas plants and other industries. Hourly throughput rates up to 15m³.


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